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  • LOGIN: Please Log in up at the top right.
    You can log in using your “Username” and  Password from last year. 
    If you are new to the company: an email with an invitation to this site should have been emailed out to you previously.
    If you can’t remember your password you can request a new password by entering your “Username” or email address under the Request a new password tab when logging in.
  • TAKE QUIZZES: Once logged into the site:  ensure that all applicable quizzes are completed for your Job Duties.
    Results from the quizzes will show up on the "My Account" page once completed.
    Please ensure you complete your Orientation Quiz to the point where you select " See Summary" tab and you see a summary of all the questions and answers; Otherwise it may not register as completed.
    Instructions and Reference material
    can be found through the Quizzes tab or through the links provided below (when logged into the site). 

    Additional reference material; Zanzibar Health and Safety Manual, link to the "Fit to Plant" program, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations etc..  can be found under the "Bulletin Board" tab.
  • UPDATE INFO: Contact, Allergy/ Medical Information and Training Certifications will also need to be entered or updated under the "My Account" tab.
  • REVIEW SAFETY INFO: All workers are also to review WFCA "Total Physio Videos" (located under "Video" tab above)  on planting techniques to help reduce the chance of injury due to repetitive strain. Additional information located in Poster information below videos.
    Please also take the time to watch the video below titled "Every Minute Counts".  It is a video of an emergency situation in a forestry setting.  It will help prepare you for the what if's you may face in an Emergency.
    All workers are also to review the Prework Safety Documents (EMS, WHMIS, etc) for the specific contract they are going to be working.  These can be found under the "Projects" Tab.


Thank you for your time in completing these online safety measures.

Zanzibar Safety Wizard

Every Minute Counts ERP