This site has been set up to:

  • Provide training material and online quizzes to educate our employees about our occupational health and safety policies.
  • To gather and manage basic employee contact information and training records.

The site has been set up for our employees.

To become a user on the site you need to create an account.
You cannot create your account unless you supply a registration code.
If you are an employee, you will receive this registration code in an email from us.
If for some reason, we have not supplied you with this registration code, ask your supervisor to supply to it or use the Contact Us form to request one.

Access to most of the content on the site is available only to registered/logged in users of the site.

Access to your personal information is limited to the Coordinators, Supervisors and Administrators.


To create a new account click the Log in link in the horizontal navigation.
On the resulting screen, click the Create New Account tab.

On the next screen:

  • Enter your First and Last names
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Enter registration code that we have provided.
  • Then click the Create new account link on the beneath the form.

The system will then email your account login information to the address that you have provided.

Login using the one time login url.
This will take you to the Reset password page. Click the Login button.
On the resulting screen, set the password that you would like to use.

Now go over to the My Account page and provide your contact and health information and relevant training records.

If you have an account on the site and you wish to change your password do this.

Make sure that you are logged out (hit the Log out link in the top right).
Now click the Log in link in the upper right.

On the resulting screen,  click the Request new password link.
On the resulting screen enter your user name. This is "Last name" <space> "First name" (example Doe Jane).
Or enter your e-mail address associated with this account.
Then click the E-mail new password link.

The system will then email you a one time login allowing you to change your password.

Please remember to update your profile when you do login.