To all Zanzibar staff,


Zanzibar would like to thank everyone for such a safe and  successful 2020 season! Your due diligence, actions, positive attitude, and hard work during  the season dealing with COVID-19 protocols  was the key to our successful COVID-19 free season. Silviculture was one of the only industries in BC to make it through 2020 without any COVID-19 cases.  Thank you! 

Our COVID-19 policies (see below) will remain very similar to the last season, as COVID-19 is still present in our communities, and we are still under a provincial public health work order which has updates from last year. 

Zanzibar’s main safety goals this season is to have zero COVID-19 transmission within our workforce and to our communities. 

Practicing these protocols and having documentation in place is vital to enable us to continue with our interior planting season. The Zanzibar's Exposure Control Plan has been adapted and updated from the new BC law's (April 13, 2021) Northern Health Public Health Order, Protecting Industrial Camp Workers, Contractors, and Employers Working in the Agricultural, Forestry, and Natural Resource Sectors During the COVID-19 Pandemic . We have also followed the guidance of BC Center for Disease Control, BC Forest Safety Council, The Western Forestry Contractors’ Association, and Zanzibar's Joint Occupational Health / Safety Committee in development of procedures to limit your exposure to COVID-19.   In order for these procedures to prove effective everyone must participate.  Things are still ever evolving with COVID-19 and we anticipate further updates or policies as per the Public Health Authority and/or Canadian government:

If you do suspect that you have been in contact with someone who has suspected symptoms or are showing symptoms yourself, please think of others and fully self isolate yourself, get tested to ensure we are not affecting others at work or in our communities.


We are requiring that all employees follow these COVID-19 policies:


1. 14-day period before work: This is the Zanzibar’s protocol for having a safe season.

 If we all do a stellar job of self-isolating, then the chances of anyone bringing the virus to work are low, which means that our entire season has a good chance of staying safe from COVID-19. This is perhaps even more important than in the last season because cases have skyrocketed in the past few months to an all-time high in BC, the new variants that spread faster -- and it is largely within the age demographic to which the majority of us belong (age 20-39). Help us keep you and everyone safe, healthy, and outbreak-free by self-isolating before coming to work.


2. Zanzibar Daily Monitoring App:

Every worker needs to be recording their activity and symptoms daily 2 weeks prior to their start up and daily throughout the season. This is required of all employees in order to go to work and stay at work. This will be checked in a screening process upon arrival and Zanzibar’s COVID-19 Coordinator Maegan will be checking daily to make sure the daily inputs are being done. We ask that you to be truthful and honest with your answers   If you feel that you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or have symptoms yourself we ask that you do not come to work, self isolate/ quarantine and contact your COVID-19 Coordinator and Supervisor (with physical distancing procedures).  If you need to self isolate due to suspect of confirmed case, you will be compensated for lost wages and provided with accommodations and food services.  ​​ YOU MUST HAVE 14 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF ZANZIBAR DAILY MONITORING FORM COMPLETED PRIOR TO BEING ALLOWED TO JOIN WORKPLACE.

 Zanzibar's Daily Monitoring App


3. Travel:

Don’t do it early: Please don’t travel until you know where you are going and have a place to arrive. 

But when you do: When you DO plan to travel, all employees are to submit an itinerary for travel to the worksite through the COVID-19 Daily Monitoring App.  Keep filling out the Daily Monitoring Form as you travel to keep a record of your route and stops. If you’re coming from a different province or taking a ferry, email Maegan for a letter. 

International flights: as required by the province, any international flight requires a 14-day period of isolation. If you choose to fly internationally, you will not be able to work until you have completed your isolation.

Domestic flights: are allowed if employees strictly follow all airline protocols (masks, sanitization, try to not touch surfaces, etc). You must email with your airline and flight number so that the public health notices can be monitored for any updates on potential COVID-19 exposures.

Driving from out of province: Fill up with gas/ snacks /food / supplies needed for your travel in your home community prior to leaving (hopefully this is enough fuel and supplies to get you to your contract).  This will avoid more stops and the need to expose yourself and other communities on your trip. Ensure you have hand washing/ sanitizing equipment with you. Have a set itinerary for your travel and fill it out in our Daily monitoring form. Try to use gas stations that are not high traffic areas and remember to sanitize after pumping gas.

IF you are traveling for multiple days: Treat your vehicle as your new self isolation unit. Bring your own hand washing, sanitization, and motel disinfecting supplies. Bring food from home to avoid exposure. IF staying in a motel/hotel overnight, implement Zanzibar Motel cleaning procedures prior to staying in the room: Motel Cleaning Protocols. Ask when the room was last used. Zanzibar asks that you refrain from staying at a friend’s place on your way to your contract. 

Carpooling within your crew is best if you do not have a vehicle. We will be able to help with coordinating travel amongst employees if you fill out the daily monitoring form AND email Maegan your travel plans.


4. Exit plan:

Every employee will need to provide us with an exit plan before they travel to their contract, i.e., if you need to leave, due to anything (personal emergencies, season disruption, or just the end of the season), how will you get home? Please fill this out once in the Daily Monitoring Form.


5.  Personal Protective Equipment List:

Workers must show up with full (and replacement) gear for the entire season. This includes water bottles, socks, buffs, gloves, extra buckles etc. Do not expect to do any gear shopping, sharing, or thrifting during the season. there is always the option of online shopping for extra gear. General delivery ℅ Zanzibar  

    A. Normal PPE and equipment: 

  • boots that are in good shape (and maybe a spare pair) (caulks optional)

  • lots of good socks

  • plenty of extra clothes: leggings/pants, shirts, appropriate layers

  • rain gear

  • hat(s), buffs/bandanas, bug net

  • pencil/pen

  • patch kit, including sewing kit, extra shoelaces, duct tape, freesole, etc.

  • enough (and EXTRA) planting gloves

  • water containers

  • full gear for the entire season (bags, spare bag buckle, 2 shovels that are at least 20cm blade length) (equipment will be available for purchase if you are without)

  • sunscreen

  • bug spray

  • Silvicool bag for planting bags- available at cost from Zanzibar if you do not have one

  • high Vis, hard hat, safety glasses (if you have it, otherwise Zanzibar will be providing)

    B.  COVID-19 PPE:

We encourage you to bring things to do while being in the motel and camp. Books, games, computers etc. to keep yourselves busy and occupied. Suggestions are always welcome, so if you have and ideas on things that can be brought into the motel or camp, email myself at

  • PPE 3 Layered masks for each day of the shift.

  • Thermometer, if you have one for personal use.

  • Hand sanitizer personal container (We will supply fills/refills) 

  • Things to entertain yourselves! (downloaded movies, more movies, video games, books, cards, etc) Projects to keep yourself busy and happy on days off (sewing, crafts, etc.)

  • Please send us suggestions on games, activities etc to enjoy in camp/motel and we will try our best to find and supply.2 bottles used for your own hand washing holders (one for soap and water, one for water)

  • towel

  • thermometer, if you have one for personal use.

  • Things to entertain yourselves! (downloaded movies, video games, books, cards, etc)

  • projects to keep yourself busy and happy on days off (sewing, crafts, etc.)


     C. COVID-19 PPE Zanzibar that will be supplying:

  • Bulk Hand Sanitizer

  • Soap and additional hand washing facilities.

  • Gloves - Nitrile (please only use when necessary- save supplies for front line workers)

  • Gloves - for food preparation at camp

  • N-95 masks/ Face shields for First aid and suspected COVID-19 illness

  • Ear thermometers - daily temperature checks will be performed by first aid (please bring your own thermometer if you have one)

  • Disinfectants/ Cleaning products- for truck, common area, and motel cleaning

6. Masks:

 It is now required Canada wide to have a 3 layered properly snug fitting mask, so please make sure you bring your masks with the updated requirements. N95 or new 3-layer masks are commonly available for purchasing.

  • Please bring enough masks so you have a clean one on each day of the shift and day off. 

  • Equivalent Masks examples.

  • 2 layered mask and with an option to insert a filter.

  • If there is no place to insert a filter, then doubling up on masks.

Masks are to be worn in trucks, common areas, public areas and when 2 m physical distancing can not be achieved.  


7. What to expect in the season:

Arrival: There will be a screening protocol that will be administered upon arrival and prior to acceptance into crew. Isolation periods may be required depending on your risk assessment. YOU MUST HAVE 14 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF ZANZIBAR DAILY MONITORING FORM COMPLETED PRIOR TO BEING ALLOWED TO JOIN WORKPLACE  

 Motel/Community Procedures: We have been mandated to limit our exposure to the communities in which we are working to medical treatments and shopping for essential items only. In general, this will involve using grocery ordering services or group shopping (1 person per household), using laundry services, remaining at the motel whenever we are not working, and not visiting any community services.  For more details, see the (evolving) link: Motel/Camp Protocols.

Visitor Procedures: There will be no “inside” visits (friends or family coming into camp/motel). Any potential outside visits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may require isolation periods to return to work.  

Truck Procedures: Trucks will be allocated to the same group of planters for the entire season, and each group of planters will be responsible for keeping their truck clean, and keeping themselves clean (e.g., hand washing before entering the truck). Crew pods are to be tracked throughout the season for contact tracing. Masks are to be worn during travel throughout the season. Drivers will have additional cleaning duties. Truck Protocols and Procedures 

Equipment Procedures:  You must show up with full (and replacement) gear for the entire season. This includes water bottles, socks, buffs, gloves, etc. Don’t expect to do any shopping, sharing, or thrifting during the season.

Camp: We are being mandated to lock down camp facilities- Food (including days off) and laundry service will be provided by Zanzibar.  We will be working on a shift style system with crew for eating meals, leaving camp/ site, showering at different times.  This is to help with maintaining Physical Distancing of camp faculties.

First aid attendants there are protocols in place for your safety during the season. You may view your First Aid duties and the Occupational first aid procedures during COVID-19.  Maegan the COVID-19 Coordinator and Health and Safety Administrator is also available for any resource you may need. Maegan will also be providing training for your specific roles and responsibilities prior to the startup of the season. 

COVID-19 Coordinators: there are protocols in place for your safety during the season. You may view your COVID Coordinator duties by clicking on the link.  Maegan the COVID-19 Coordinator and Health and Safety Administrator is also available for any resource you may need. Maegan will also be providing training for your specific roles and responsibilities prior to the startup of the season.

We need everyone to be 100% on board with Zanzibar’s policies and practices for the health and safety of our company, our people, and the communities in which we work. If you feel you cannot comply with everything that we are asking of you, or you do not feel safe or comfortable with these conditions, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan and proceed.

If you do come out, we will do our utmost to keep you and the local communities safe and healthy.

All our policies, procedures and Exposure Control Plan can be found below in the attachments on this page of the bulletin board. 


If you have any COVID-19 questions, please contact our company COVID-19 Coordinator.




Zanzibar Management


Tony Harrison & Gord Saunders






1. Physical Distancing:

Maintain a 2-meter distance from others when out in public spaces.

Avoid groups or gatherings.

Wear a 3 layered mask when physical distancing cannot be practiced.  

2. Self isolation:

Isolation practices required:

Not going out of the home setting. This includes school, work, or other public areas, and minimizing close contact with others in the community.

Not using public transportation (e.g., buses, subways, taxis)

If leaving the home setting cannot be avoided, maintain a 2-meter distance from others.

Additional recommendations:

Having supplies delivered home instead of running errands (supplies should be left on the front door or at least a 2-meter distance maintained between people)

If you are living with Family or roommates, we recommend that if possible, you try to isolate as much as possible within the home, away from other members. (designated bathroom, minimal contacts with family members/roommates) If this is not possible, frequent sanitizing of the high touch points in the home (door handles, remote control, fridge door handle, faucet taps etc…) would be recommended.

As well, regular check-ins with family and roommates to make sure that they are symptom free and feeling well would be a great idea.

If you are having to go to work, school, or take a course during your isolation period, make sure you are following all the proper PPE recommendations and social distancing. Please limit your exposure as much as possible during this time while having to work or go to school during the isolation period.

3. Mandatory Quarantine:

 Mandatory quarantine is the imposed separation or restriction of movement of individuals, groups or communities, for a defined period of time and in a location determined by the PHA. As local circumstances will vary across Canada and within regions, quarantine may be used to contain, delay or mitigate COVID-19, although its effectiveness once there is widespread community transmission is unknown. An individual in mandatory quarantine is asymptomatic but may have been exposed to the virus causing COVID-19. A decision to implement mandatory quarantine requires careful consideration of the safety of the individual/group/community, the anticipated effectiveness, feasibility and implications.